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Take Charge

Continue the cycle of improvement and identify new experiences to pursue. Attend a meeting or seminar. Tune in to a podcast. Take an e-course. These are great ways to take charge of professional development and can help you:

  1. Develop leadership skills.
  2. Stay up-to-date with current business trends.
  3. Expand your network base.
  4. Make meaningful contributions to your company, your team and the profession.


Influence Training for Actuaries
Oct. 15

Go far beyond the ability to communicate simply and clearly. Leave with new skills to present more effectively, tell stories that move people to action and design the environment in which you present your work.



Financial Modeling

Build on the knowledge gained in the Models for Financial Economics (MFE) course in both theoretical and practical ways. See financial models in use, such as the modeling aspects of an annuity product. Explore the model and interpret the results.


Recent IRS Rulings Highlight Investor Control Issues for Fund of Funds Arrangements

Within the past decade, many requests, and the rulings issued in response, dealt with the concern that indirect investment in publicly available funds could fall on the wrong side of the doctrine. Three recent private-letter rulings, the subject of this podcast, represent a continuation of this trend.

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