2019 SOA Annual Report

Leaders from the Society of Actuaries (SOA) gathered online in four cohorts to reflect on the past year and to share their perspectives on the future of the organization and the actuarial profession. The virtual roundtable conversations are published in four installments this spring.

Taking a Global Perspective

Insights from Andy Rallis and Lisa Kuklinski

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Social Responsibility, Education, Thought Leadership

Insights from Roy Goldman, Sara Teppema and Dale Hall

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Member Services, Predictive Analytics, InsurTech

Insights from Jim Glickman, Robert Eaton, Christine Hofbeck and Joe Wurzburger

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Long-Term Growth Strategy

Insights from Andy Rallis, Greg Heidrich, Jenny Haid, Christine Hofbeck, and Tim Rozar

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About the Board

Learn about the current members of the SOA Board of Directors.

Membership / Candidate Stats

Learn about membership and candidate stats around the world.

Financial Results

See the 2018–2019 financial results.