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People Person

Q&A with HR analytics specialist Ilana Sullivan
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The New Normal

Milestone for the NAAJ + Priming Actuaries for the Future Read More

Stay Connected

SOA Events Mobile App + 2016 SOA Annual Report + SOA Podcasts Read More

Thinking Bigger

Q&A with consulting actuary Dorothy Andrews Read More

2 π r (aka Full Circle)

Volunteering in the Society of Actuaries (SOA) Education system Read More

Seeking REAL Data

Q&A with technology evangelist Dave Snell Read More

Predictive Analytics and Futurism Section Update

Expanding opportunities for actuaries in predictive analytics Read More

Sophisticated Solutions

Preventing Accidental Deaths + Health Care and AI + Metrics Masters Read More

Big Data (and Opportunities)

An update on the SOA’s predictive modeling developments Read More

Make an Impact

The Actuaries Climate Index + Big Data (predictive analytics)

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