2020 Outstanding Session Awards

Recognizing the moderators and presenters of the top sessions at the 2020 SOA virtual meetings

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The SOA Outstanding Session Award program recognizes the moderators and presenters at the best sessions at the Society of Actuaries (SOA) flagship meetings—held virtually in 2020. The outstanding sessions were selected based on multiple criteria including, but not limited to, topic importance and relevance, evaluation ratings and comments, and attendance.

2020 Life & Annuity Virtual Symposium

Session 59—The Direct to Consumer Model Is Disrupting the Traditional Life Insurance Business Model (offered by the SOA Marketing & Distribution and Product Development Sections)

Bruce Fuller, FSA, MAAA, CFA; Manisha Dias, FSA, CERA, FCIA; Christopher Hessenius, FSA, MAAA; Jason M. Krasula, MBA, CLU

2020 Health Virtual Meeting

Session 32—Fifty States, Fifty Stories: A Decade of Healthcare Reform Under the ACA (offered by the SOA Health Section)

Lindsy M. Kotecki, FSA, MAAA; Johann K. Leida, FSA, MAAA; Paul R. Houchens, FSA, MAAA

Session 78—Traditional Drug Development Process: An Overview for Actuaries by Actuaries (offered by the SOA Health Section)

Ian M. Smith, FSA, MAAA; Kerri Miller, FSA, MAAA; Gregory L. Warren, FSA, FCA, MAAA

Session 138—Actuarial Professionalism: Judge & Jury (offered by the SOA Health Section)

Tenesia R. McGruder, FSA, MAAA; Deana K. Bell, FSA, MAAA; Jacqueline Lee, FSA, MAAA; Joseph L. Wurzburger, FSA, MAAA

2020 Valuation Actuary Virtual Symposium

Session 6A—Non-Variable Annuity PBR and Statutory Reserving Updates

Chris Conrad, FSA, MAAA; Jason E. Kehrberg, FSA, MAAA; John Miller, FSA, MAAA; Benjamin M. Slutsker, FSA, MAAA

Session 8A—Variable Annuity Reserve and Capital Reforms: Key Implementation and Reporting

Parul Bhatia, FIA, FIAI, MAAA; Zohair Motiwala, FSA, MAAA; Yuan Tao, FSA, MAAA

2020 Virtual Annual Meeting & Exhibit

Session 3C: Beyond Risk Scores: Point Estimates to Confidence Intervals for Morbidity Estimation (offered by the SOA Health Section)

Benjamin Guszkiewicz, ASA, MAAA; Robert Jason Reed, FSA, MAAA, MS

Women’s Leadership Forum: Managing Your Career Through Disruption (offered by the SOA Leadership & Development Section)

Brona Magee, BAFS, FIA; Sharon K. Robinson, FCAS; Mary Beth Ramsay, FSA, MAAA; Jamala M. Arland, FSA, CFA, MAAA

Session 8B: Employing Emotional Intelligence to Create Diverse and Inclusive Teams (offered by the SOA)

Margaret Resce Milkint; Kezia Charles, FSA, EA; Enrique Schulz, ASA, MBA, MS; David Marcotte

Session 9C: Pandemics, Infectious Diseases and the Coronavirus (offered by the SOA Health Section)

Gina C. Guzman, M.D.; Achilles Natsis, FSA, FLMI, MAAA; Jeffrey Milton-Hall, FSA, MAAA

Session 10E: You Weigh In: Medicare for All and the Latest Wave of Health Policy Proposals (offered by the SOA Health Section)

Chiara Drago, ASA, MAAA; Chris Sloan; Andrew Loewer, FSA

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