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Web Exclusive

Putting the ACA Back Together Again

“Putting the ACA Back Together Again” by Greg Fann, FSA, FCA, MAAA, concludes the web-exclusive series comprising the Strategic Initiative, “Commercial Health Care: What’s Next?” of the Society of Actuaries’ (SOA’s) Health Section Council. The initiative was established to proactively educate health actuaries and other interested parties on potential changes in Affordable Care Act (ACA) markets. Readers will learn more about premium subsidies, incentives and the interconnectivity of ACA policies.


Listen at No Charge

Tap into topics such as machine learning, leadership, ethics, Microsoft Excel, pet insurance and more. To listen to SOA webcast recordings at no charge:

  • Webcasts must be at least one year old.
  • You must be a member of the professional interest section that created the webcast to view it at no charge.

Go to SOA Engage. Log in using your SOA username and password. Go to “My Communities” and select the specific section. Webcasts that have not reached the one-year mark can be purchased for $149 through the SOA.


Dynamic Thinker

Over the course of his career, Syed Mehmud, ASA, FCA, MAAA, has leveraged his background in mathematics, physics and actuarial science to grow as a dynamic thinker. Learn how Mehmud strategically uses data and the power of predictive analytics to overcome challenges in Medicare and Medicaid.

What are The Odds?

Richard Sweetman, FSA, MAAA, recently competed on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? He discusses his probability of winning and his approach to decision-making on the show. Sweetman also notes the importance of understanding your audience to make your work findings relatable.


Retirement Plans

The SOA’s Retirement Plans Experience Committee released the final report of the Pub-2010 Public Retirement Plans Mortality Tables. This study provides a comprehensive review of recent mortality experience of public retirement plans in the United States.

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