Developing a Learning Strategy

Michael Ewald

As a member of the Predictive Analytics Advisory Group (PAAG), I had the honor of joining experts in the predictive analytics field to determine the foundation of the Society of Actuaries’ predictive analytics curriculum. As I prepared to meet with the PAAG, I found that the concept mapping framework aligned very closely with an article I was reading on performing k-means clustering in Python. It is very fitting that we developed a learning strategy for predictive analytics by actually using predictive analytics.

The project mapping process created a framework that aligns very closely with how predictive analytics is used in the workplace. The six clusters we developed mirror the model building process. Having worked in this arena for some time, I feel the PAAG has developed core concepts upon which we can build a comprehensive education. My hope is that the curriculum provides not only a solid education to future actuaries, but also serves as a reference for practicing modelers.

Michael Ewald, FSA, CERA, CFA, is a director at The Hartford for the Group Benefits division.

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