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Commercial Health Care: What’s Next?

This web-exclusive series focuses on education and research related to specific provisions of the American Health Care Act (AHCA) and the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This initiative covers several key underlying issues that all health actuaries and other interested parties should understand about the current U.S. health insurance market and how things may evolve in the future.

SOA Explorer

This easy-to-use interactive tool helps you find SOA members, employers, universities/colleges, actuarial clubs and jobs by geographic region. You can quickly search by location throughout the world with Google Maps technology.

Improving Predictive Analytics Techniques

Curiosity is the spark behind all new solutions. Dorothy Andrews, ASA, MAAA, encourages actuaries to step outside their comfort zones and learn problem-solving techniques from people in other professions. Learn more about how acquiring diverse knowledge can improve predictive analytics approaches in the life insurance industry by watching the video.

Professional Interest Section Newsletters

Learn about topics outside of your specialty area. Pick up the latest issues of the professional interest section newsletters and share them with colleagues. Recent articles include:

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