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Early this spring, the Society of Actuaries (SOA) announced that The Actuary had gone “all digital, all the time.” Going fully digital was the natural evolution for The Actuary. As promised, we’ve made the shift from a “magazine issue-based” to a “topic-based” digital magazine, creating a hub for content designed to help you find the content you are looking for—and make it easier to explore new content, like our Global section featuring new content for Asia.

What is a Content Hub?

The content hub is a resource center that shows you content most relevant to your interests. Moving beyond the chronological structure of a magazine issue where content gets buried in time, The Actuary magazine website now presents all of the content available on the site logically based on how you, the user, accesses information as well as what you need in your career as an actuary or an actuarial candidate. Visit the homepage and at-a-glance. You can see the latest articles, navigation to other topics and trending content based on other users’ activities on the site. As always, you can do this on your desktop, tablet or phone and share articles via email or social media.

Our Promise to Deliver

The Actuary has long been dedicated to delivering innovative and though-provoking articles, most often written by actuaries and some by non-actuaries focused on emerging issues related to actuarial work being done today. The magazine puts actuaries—members of the SOA—front and center in interviews and Q&As showcasing how actuaries are impacting their profession and industries and communities they serve.

In the past, we’ve dedicated issues of the magazine to themes like health care, emerging risks, diversity and communications. We even dedicated an entire issue to the exciting field of media psychology—you heard it here first!

Now, instead of researching and delivering content on a theme every two months, our team of contributing editors and authors will be working to deliver articles on innovations, techniques, regulatory updates, long-term growth strategies and more, initially monthly and working to accelerate postings to a weekly and, eventually, a daily basis. You can explore these content areas by choosing Topics in the navigation bar.

In addition to seeking out leading-edge content, we are dedicated to using the metrics visitors provide us to evolve The Actuary’s content strategy to match your needs, while continuing to provide articles focusing on the mainstays of the actuarial profession.

The Actuary is Global

Along with the launch of the new content hub, we are thrilled to announce we have a new team of contributing editors in Asia and China who have just begun to publish a steady stream of articles; we will be expanding this same editorial strategy to Canada and Latin America in the near future. Starting in August 2020, members and candidates in Asia will receive their own monthly e-newsletter with curated articles from The Actuary specific to their region.

Want to start exploring now? Choose Global in the navigation bar to find content and featured actuaries relevant to Asia, Canada and Latin America.

Like our overall content strategy, The Actuary plans to continue building contributing editorial teams in these countries. If you are interested in volunteering as a contributing editor or as an author, now is a great time to volunteer.

Our Thanks

We don’t make strides alone—like the content hub, our Global content strategy, and coverage of compelling topics. We are grateful for the contributing editors and authors who work year-round seeking out, investigating, researching and then reporting on issues that are affecting the work of actuaries today and looking ahead to what is coming next. The SOA appreciates the work of our staff, vendors and especially advertisers who help us realize our vision of a place where life-long learners, curious minds and innovators can gather to explore, grow and learn. And we are grateful to you, our readers, for your ideas and inspiring the content we publish.

Enjoy The Actuary content hub and continue to engage with us. Send your thoughts and questions to theactuary@soa.org.

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