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Online Exclusive

Risk is Opportunity: Perspectives From Chief Risk Officers

The Actuary asked several chief risk officers to provide perspectives on emerging changes in the risk landscape and the current risk environment, and to reflect on the pursuit of career trajectories in risk. Suzette L. Huovinen, FSA, CERA, CFA, MAAA, chief actuary and chief risk officer at Securian, expressed one thought-provoking idea: “Risk management is a great way to get a broad perspective on an organization. You must understand all aspects of the business to truly identify and manage the risks. It’s critical to be good at asking questions—don’t be afraid, there are no stupid questions!”

Read the online-only article and get more important insights from chief risk officers.


Shaping the Future of Health Care

The SOA surveyed more than 200 health care executives, and 60% said their organizations use predictive analytics—a 13-point increase from last year. Read our 2019 predictive analytics trend forecast to see how this will shape the future of health care.


2019 Actuarial Research Conference

Aug. 14–17

Designed for both academics and practicing actuaries, the 54th Actuarial Research Conference is hosted by five universities in Indiana, including Indiana University—Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI), the University of Notre Dame, Ball State University, Butler University and Purdue University. This event also provides researchers the opportunity to present their work through contributed talks and a poster session.

2019 Predictive Analytics Symposium

Sept. 19–20

It’s never too soon to arm yourself with critical predictive analytics knowledge or to enhance your expertise in this field. Whether you’re interested in predictive models as a manager, implementer or practicing expert, this conference provides information to help you jump to the next level. Anyone interested in the field of predictive analytics and/or how it relates to the actuarial profession should attend.


Learning Through Innovation

Carol McCall, FSA, MAAA, began her actuarial journey at age 9 when she did her first pension valuation. McCall’s career path brought her to lead research and development in Humana’s Innovation Center. Learn how her actuarial background enabled her to leverage analytics and data to help innovate in the health services space.

Tools and Resources

The Actuarial Toolkit

The Actuarial Toolkit provides a variety of online resources for actuarial candidates, actuaries and actuarial analysts. The toolkit includes a glossary and R Console in addition to various applications and online tools.

Actuaries Climate Index

This tool was designed to help inform actuaries, public policymakers and the public about climate trends and some of the potential impacts of a changing climate on the United States and Canada. The index is an objective measure of observed changes in extreme weather and sea levels.

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