The Origins of Professional Interest Sections

Professional Interest Sections continue to drive change at the SOA

The Society of Actuaries (SOA) Special Interest Sections—now referred to as Professional Interest Sections—were created in 1983 to help plan major meetings, which led to sponsoring of sessions at annual meetings.

Oh, how much they have grown. Now 20 strong, sections not only sponsor sessions at regional and major meetings, they also produce webcasts and podcasts, sponsor groundbreaking research, host online discussions and professional contests, provide networking opportunities for growth and development, and perhaps most important, publish section newsletters that provide section members with content that helps them in their work, expands their knowledge base, and gives them a glimpse into the future of their specialty and the actuarial profession in general.

Send us information about SOA history that will enlighten everyone about our organization’s past, and serve as a springboard for future growth, as the actuarial profession continues to inspire and evolve. Write to and share.

Newsletters have come a long way—from print to digital. The Leadership & Development Section’s newsletter, The Stepping Stone, is shown here to showcase the newsletter evolution.

Visit the SOA website to see all 20 Professional Interest Sections and to check out their digital newsletters. While you’re there, consider joining one, two or more of these dynamic groups.

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