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Actuaries in the Time of Coronavirus

Actuaries are reacting personally and professionally to the spread of the novel coronavirus and the respiratory disease COVID-19 across the globe. How should actuaries in particular think and spend their time in regard to the pandemic? Read the coronavirus article by Robert Eaton, FSA, MAAA.

Fifty States, Fifty Stories

Should we “repair” or “replace” the Affordable Care Act (ACA)? To help us answer this question, the Health Section Council of the SOA launched the ACA@10 Strategic Initiative last year. This initiative consisted of a data-driven research project, entitled “Fifty States, Fifty Stories: A Decade of Health Care Reform Under the ACA.” This research, which was authored by Paul Houchens, FSA, MAAA; Lindsy Kotecki, FSA, MAAA; and Hans Leida, Ph.D., FSA, MAAA, looks at measures of success for the ACA from a number of different perspectives. Read the report for data-driven observations.

The ACA@10 Web-Exclusive Series

March 23, 2010, the day the ACA was signed into law, was a day of great promise for everyone without health insurance—it promised access to affordable health care. Ten years later, the question is: Was that promise kept? Certainly, it is an achievement that there are now 20 million more people insured than there were in 2010. Yet, there are still 30 million Americans who are uninsured, and many more who are struggling with paying premiums and the cost-share on their existing coverage. As the 2020 U.S. election draws near and the electorate decides where we want to go from here, we need to be able to understand the ACA’s real-world application more fully. Read the articles in this web-exclusive series for details surrounding the ACA.

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