Shooting for the Moon

Rocket Insurance + Driverless Car Insurance + Small Business + Insurance Tech

Outer Space and Rocket Insurance?

Now that SpaceX has made rocket landings somewhat routine, the next step is to prepare the recovered rockets for reuse to launch commercial satellites. Some of the technical hurdles it must clear also have financial implications. Launch insurance rates have fallen. Insurers rate both the risk of launch vehicle failure as well as the chances that a satellite will fail, and combine the two to get a coverage rate.

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U.K. Efforts on Driverless Car Insurance

Everyone from car manufacturers to government agencies and insurance companies has been claiming self-driving cars will be safer, and insurance companies will be happy to reduce their rates because claims will drop. So far that’s been all talk, but now a British auto insurer has put its pounds on the table.

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Owning a Small Business—Must Knows

In its Editor’s Choice for the Week article, highlights five things to know about owning a small business—focusing on crowdfunding, cybersecurity, location, borrowing and avoiding culture clashes.

Insurance Tech—It’s Only the Beginning

For those who follow technological innovation, it often can seem like certain areas of investor enthusiasm come out of nowhere—suddenly and with huge momentum. The wave analogy often is used, and not incorrectly—fevered investment propels increasing interest and drives new opportunistic entrepreneurs into a specific industry area, building until it inevitably crashes as certain companies underperform and interest moves elsewhere. There’s been a lot of discussion that insurance tech is driving to the peak of a similar cycle.

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