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Diverse perspectives, cultures and backgrounds help to make the profession more inclusive

The Society of Actuaries (SOA) best fulfills its mission when it is diverse and inclusive of all individuals. Openness to and acceptance of diverse perspectives, cultures and backgrounds helps to attract the best talent and ensures the overall inclusivity of the actuarial profession.

Diversity matters to the SOA. Here are a few examples of how the Society is building a strong, diverse and inclusive environment.

2018 SOA Annual Meeting & Exhibit Events

Women’s Leadership Forum & Luncheon—Session 030IF

An interactive panel of female executives will discuss their various career paths and the decisions that led them to where they are today.

LGBTQ Actuaries and Allies Meeting and Reception—Session 141

The SOA Inclusion and Diversity Committee will host an event to network and socialize with LGBTQ members and allies in the actuarial profession. It is a great opportunity to show support for and learn more about a new resource group for LGBTQ and allied actuaries.

Where Bottom-line Meets Pipeline: Diversifying Your Team Portfolio—Session 064

What do you do when you know diversity improves the performance of your teams but your access to supply doesn’t meet your demands? Actuaries and industry experts will discuss best practices to attract and retain qualified, diverse resources.

#MeToo: Lessons Learned—Session 136

2017 saw #MeToo become a social movement and part of a global dialogue. Learn how to promote a culture allowing women and men to thrive together in a mutually respectful environment; avoid the trap of excluding anyone from professional opportunities; and advocate, mentor and guide change to grow opportunities for everyone.

There’s Even More at Annual!

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So much to learn. So much to do. So many ways to bring inclusion and diversity to life. The Organization of Latino Actuaries is hosting a meet-and-greet event. Network with Latino actuaries from around the world.

Diversity Matters

Diversity improves performance and decision-making. Share your demographic information with the SOA to help us determine benchmarks and areas for improvement involving diversity and inclusion. Your information will be kept confidential. Get started.

Diversity Scholarships

Several actuarial organizations collaborate to offer scholarship opportunities to underrepresented minorities. Learn more.

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