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Volunteer. Learn. Lead.

By giving back and serving others, you can build character and develop valuable leadership skills
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Volunteering Near and Far

I’ve had the opportunity to volunteer locally, nationally and even internationally. As you might imagine, they are very different experiences. Some of the benefits of volunteering locally include supporting nearby communities and fostering relationships with other volunteers. I’m fortunate to work for a company, Voya Financial, that provides 40 hours per year of volunteer time away… Read More

Modeling Section Update

Section members enjoy many educational and networking benefits Read More

Maintaining Our Relevance

Strengthen our profession by learning and growing together Read More

Shaping the Profession’s Future

Commitment is the best way for you to make a difference Read More

Grow Your Knowledge

Climate Risks + e-Course Series + Write for a Newsletter + New Exams Syllabi Read More

Progress in the Profession

Leadership and volunteering efforts will raise the profile of actuaries Read More

2 π r (aka Full Circle)

Volunteering in the Society of Actuaries (SOA) Education system Read More

Growing Your Network (and Your Knowledge Base)

Helping others will help your professional development Read More

Take the Plunge

The benefits of volunteering at the SOA Read More