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Climate Risks + e-Course Series + Write for a Newsletter + New Exams Syllabi

Understanding Climate Risks

Access new research on climate and environmental sources for actuaries.

e-Course Series on Principle-Based Reserves

Access the micro-lessons on principle-based reserves (PBR). This on-demand series from the Society of Actuaries (SOA) covers e-learning on VM-20, stochastic modeling, product development, reinsurance and other related topics.

Get Published: Write for a Section Newsletter

Share your knowledge and expertise with SOA members, colleagues and management at your place of business. Volunteer to write an article for a section newsletter. Get started by checking out the volunteer database. Scroll through the list of newsletter author opportunities—listed alphabetically by section—and read the requirements.

New Syllabi and Readings Information

Take a look at the preliminary syllabi and readings for the 2018 A exams.