The Actuary Canada—Welcome Aboard!

Introducing the inclusion of more Canadian content in the SOA’s flagship publication Society of Actuaries

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We’re closing 2021 with an exciting announcement! As our readership continues to grow by culture and country, it’s a great time to incorporate more Canadian content in The Actuary as the next step in a natural progression from our SOA News Canada publication.

The inclusion of additional Canadian content on The Actuary’s Canada page in the SOA’s flagship publication will increase the visibility of Canadian ventures and successes. The Actuary Canada—the naming convention given to showcase the broadening of Canadian content—will also feature a monthly Canadian e-newsletter specifically for Canadian members and candidates.

We are honored and grateful to have a diverse and talented group of Canadian coeditors in place to launch more Canadian content.

  • Valérie Adelson, FSA, FCIA
  • Navaz Cassam, FSA, CERA, FCIA
  • Arthur da Silva, FSA, ACIA
  • Manoj Gandi, FSA, FCIA
  • Graham Kent, FSA, CERA, FCIA
  • Emily Hsu, FSA, CERA, FCIA
  • June Quah, FSA, FCIA
  • Mavis Shang, FSA, FCIA

This dedicated team has been brainstorming article ideas, seeking content experts and developing topics for 2022 that will bring Canada to the stage, front and center. Though we have always included articles of a Canadian nature in The Actuary, this opportunity will expand our reach to our Canadian members and candidates, as well as the content that we offer to our entire readership.

The Actuary’s Canada page will feature articles, videos, rich data visualization and creative accents. We’ll also showcase the work and innovations of our Canadian membership in interviews and articles that will cover topics such as leadership, technology and the future of actuarial work.

As always, The Actuary is committed to bringing actuaries accessible content in a compelling and timely way. We are grateful to all the contributing editors and authors worldwide who work year-round seeking, investigating and writing about topics of interest.

We are excited to add more Canadian articles to The Actuary content hub and are thrilled to expand our resources for you!

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