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Inclusive Leadership + Predictive Analytics + ERM + La Niña + Uber

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What will it take to be a great leader in the future—in five, 10 and even 15 years? Deloitte University Press recently published a report about the future of leadership and thriving in a diverse new world. Diversity of markets, customers, ideas and talent is driving the need for inclusion as a new leadership capability. In Figure 1, read about the six attributes of leaders who display the ability to embrace individual differences. Then, read the report for how to potentially leverage them for competitive advantage.

Figure 1: The Six Signature Traits of an Inclusive Leader


Image source: Dillon, Bernadette, and Juliet Bourke. “The Six Signature Traits of Inclusive Leadership: Thriving in a Diverse New World.” 

Patients and Predictive Analytics

Harvard Business Review covers predictive algorithms and other aspects of predictive data analysis to improve patient care. Additionally, the publication looked at the dramatic spread of electronic medical record adoption. This trend is heavily linked to predictive analysis directly benefiting patients.

Risk Management and the CFO Perspective

While actuaries are well versed in enterprise risk management (ERM), getting the perspective of others, especially CFOs, can be insightful. recently highlighted challenges with budgeting for unknown risks and the emergence of more strategic processes with incorporating ERM.

How Will a Strong La Niña Impact the United States?

As it stands now, it’s too early to tell exactly how strong of a La Niña we could see by fall—or how long it could last—but based on the past, the pattern could develop along a few different paths.

It could swing sharply into a record-breaking La Niña. This is what happened in 1988–1989, after the strong, double-peaked El Niño in 1986–1987. It may produce another multiyear La Niña, like the ones that occurred following the sharp, very strong El Niños in 1982 and 1997. It also could result in a combination of the two—a record or near-record event in both strength and duration.

Uber Hires More Actuaries

Uber Technologies Inc. now has a four-member actuarial team that Gus Fuldner, head of insurance at San Francisco–based Uber, plans to double this year.

As Uber builds insurance products in an environment where there often is little loss history, it is very important “to have a really strong actuarial team that can produce estimates and analyses with relatively limited information,” Fuldner says.

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