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SOA Explorer

Jobs, Internships and More

New features to SOA Explorer include a more mobile-friendly platform, an easier way to find jobs and internships around the world, and much more. Start exploring now.

CPD Tracker

Now on Android

The SOA CPD Tracker is now available on Android to manage your Continuing Professional Development (CPD). You can easily download the app for your Android device.

The tool is also available for iOS devices and by web browser. Here are other new features to make tracking your CPD credits easier than ever:

  • Entered activities may be applied to past or future cycles (activities are subject to individual CPD requirement limitations).
  • There is a new visual completion gauge so you can see your tracked progress toward fulfilling CPD requirements.
  • There is a new button to get more information on requirements of the five reporting standards.
  • The tool’s home screen is now driven by CPD reporting cycles, so it is easy to find information.

Decisions, Decisions

Tune in to New SOA Podcasts

Section-sponsored podcasts go where you go. Learn about topics outside of your specialty area. Check out these recent additions, which are accessible for free.

Ensemble Predictive Modeling

This discussion explores what types of ensembles are common and some of the theory that explains their surprising power. Understanding some of this theory can help you identify problems or individual models that might benefit most from ensembling.

Decision Trees

Decision trees are an important class of predictive models that are not often covered in traditional statistics classes. Although it is becoming rarer to use a single decision tree, they are an important building block in at least two of the most prevalent ensemble learning methods in use today.

Penalized Regression

Penalized regression can be thought of as the result of applying actuarial credibility to linear modeling. The statistical theory behind it and the practical reasons an actuary might apply it are discussed.

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