Evolution of The Actuary

A look at the SOA’s flagship publication through the years

The first issue of The Actuary was published in March 1967 as a newsletter. The publication was issued monthly and focused on education and research, ethics and standards, pension reform, the application of new mathematical concepts and more. The newsletter format changed twice with updated designs and a cleaner column format (see images A, B and C).

The Actuary magazine was introduced in October 2004 with Volume 1, Issue 1 (image D). Since then, it has grown in stature and content (images E and F), covering topics such as predictive analytics, health, member interviews, artificial intelligence, technology, leadership and a host of other current information. Eleven volunteers serve as contributing editors; one volunteer is an education consultant for the magazine. See the About Us page for the list of individuals who produce The Actuary.

Today, themed issues are published six times a year. The Actuary has also garnered several awards for design and content, the latest of which is a 2018 Folio Ozzie Award for Overall Design Excellence.

The magazine is complemented by our interactive website, which debuted with the December 2015/January 2016 issue. Thousands of new and repeat visitors from around the world visit us weekly.

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