Looking Ahead

Sickness & Profit + Retirement Account Withdrawals + The Future CFO

Sickness and Profit

Syed Muzayan Mehmud, ASA, MAAA, FCA, is a predictive modeler with Wakely Consulting Group. In analyzing 2014 Affordable Care Act (ACA) data from 20 different insurers and 50 issuers, he discovered the sickest patients generate the most profit for insurance companies. What? It was commonly believed that sicker patients would cost their insurers more. So why the switch? Read “ACA Year 1: The Sickest Patients = The Most Profit.”

Retirement Account Withdrawals

How much can you safely withdraw from your retirement account each year without running out of funds? According to a recent article in USA Today, “you could withdraw 4 percent per year from your nest egg and it would last 30 years.” But, today, financial experts say withdrawing 4 percent per year could spell disaster for your standard of living.

The Future CFO

The changing role of the CFO in a digital world is the focus of  “Anatomy of the Future CFO,” an article on CFO.com. A visionary third eye for the future, a shape-shifting mode for constant transformation and an array of custom tools are key.