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Seeking REAL Data

Q&A with technology evangelist Dave Snell Read More

Leadership Opportunities

The importance of being a leader in the actuarial profession Read More

The Visionary

Q&A with workforce analytics manager Steve Fredlund
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Growing Your Network (and Your Knowledge Base)

Helping others will help your professional development Read More

Predictive Analytics: A Growing Opportunity for Our Profession

Actuaries’ skill sets and training put them in a position to lead Read More

Business Smarts

Value Proposition Design + HBR Guides + TED Talks Guide to Public Speaking
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“A Zero is not Zero”

Q&A with actuary and professor Wu-Chyuan Gau Read More

Clear Direction

Practical strategies to develop your leadership skills Read More

Guiding Leadership Principles

Lessons learned as a life insurance company CEO Read More

The Star

How to take control of your career and performance Read More