The Actuary—All Digital, All the Time

The Actuary goes fully digital after Spring 2020 issue

Photo: Shutterstock/DenPhotos

The Society of Actuaries (SOA) is shining the light on its award-winning magazine website, Now, The Actuary will be all digital, all the time.

Going fully digital was the natural next step for The Actuary. We are working now to shift from a “magazine issue-based” to a “topic-based” user interface, creating a content hub designed to improve readers’ ability to find the content they are looking for—and make it easier to explore new content. We anticipate phasing in these improvements to the website in June 2020, so stay tuned!

What won’t change is your access to award-winning, thought-provoking articles, interviews and information that keeps you on top of actuarial trends and adds to your business and career development.

The Actuary will continue to feature multimedia content—from video and podcasts, to rich data visualization and creative—showcasing actuaries, their work and innovations.

Last, but not least, going “all digital, all the time” means eliminating paper waste and improving the SOA’s carbon footprint. It allows us to eliminate the costs associated with printing and mailing the magazine to members all over the world, especially at a time when all organizations and businesses are focused on doing things in the most efficient ways possible. And, it means members can receive the content directly and wherever they’re working in this time when so many members are not in their offices to receive the magazine.

The Actuary is committed to bringing actuaries the most accessible content in a compelling and timely way. We are grateful for the contributing editors and authors who work year-round seeking out and investigating topics of interest. And we are grateful to you, for your readership, your ideas and inspiring all of the content in the magazine. Please continue to engage with us and send your thoughts and questions to

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