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Changes in the East

A response to new challenges in China’s insurance market Read More

CERA: A Global Credential

The SOA CERA pathway is adopting the global CERA syllabus wording Read More

Rising Risks

An update from the Joint Risk Management Section Read More

Looking Forward With Clarity

The Survey of Emerging Risks helps actuaries improve forward-looking projections Read More

Acceleration of Technological Change Affecting Jobs and Insurance

We live in an age of rapid change that has the potential to impact all aspects of society, both in the United States and internationally. Some of these changes could significantly affect insurance companies, both in their operations and in the coverages they provide. Successful adaptation to these changes begins with a realization of the… Read More

We Should All Be Skeptical

Exploring the complexities of emerging product risks Read More

Calculated Risk

Using structured scenario analysis Read More

Making Sense of the Unexpected

Using system dynamics modeling to understand complex systems Read More